JFX Pedals unveils the Mesquerfresquer, a 12-stage Phaser reminiscent of the classic Moogerfooger unit.

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Maestro [Gibson] Mariner Tremolo, Titan Boost, Arcas Compressor, Agena Filter & Orbit Phaser Demos

A new quintet of sweet-sounding and awesome-looking analog boxes spans Mariner Tremolo, Titan Boost, Arcas Compressor Sustainer, Agena Envelope Filter & Orbit Phaser.

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Weird becomes wonderful in a heady, ambitious modulation pedal that somehow always sounds organic.

Super diverse and versatile modulation sounds with uncanny musicality.

Discerning and predicting some knob functions can be confusing.


Catalinbread Many Worlds


Named after physicist Hugh Everett III’s quantum-mechanics theory of the multiverse, the Catalinbread’s Many Worlds phaser takes a tonal trajectory arcing back to the mid-’70s Phase 90 and fractures it, Schrödinger’s cat-style, with eight stages and eight LFO modes. Five knobs govern up to eight parameters and five traditional LFO types—sine, square, sawtooth, reverse-sawtooth, and triangle—plus two envelope-dependent sine modes that trigger varying levels of phase sweep (one downward, one up) based on the intensity of your string attack. In “battle” mode, two sine waves with independently controllable speeds compete to dominate the phase output.

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