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First Look: Way Huge Attack Vector

Way Huge Attack Vector Phaser & Envelope Filter Demo | First Look

Phaser and envelope filter combine to make unconventional sounds that transcend both effects.

This pedal was designed to crank out an array of off-kilter sounds, twisting your riffs into crazy new forms. Bee stings, perfect for funky moods. Gloopy syrup to drench your low-string twanging. Fifty shades of rude behavior that’ll turn a pleasant cocktail party into a drunken brawl.

The Attack Vector Phaser & Envelope’s attitude is intended to work with electric bass as well as guitar. So if you’re looking for pedal that smiles politely and behaves appropriately, keep right on walking – you won’t find it here. But if you seek a kindred spirit and fellow troublemaker, the Way Huge Smalls Attack Vector Phaser & Envelope might just become your new best friend.