envelope filter

Way Huge Attack Vector Phaser & Envelope Filter Demo | First Look

Phaser and envelope filter combine to make unconventional sounds that transcend both effects.

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A Jekyll and Hyde of modulation uses envelope-driven dynamics to open up pretty-to-twisted chorus frontiers.

Recorded using a Schroeder Chopper TL into a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe IV miked with a Royer 121 feeding an Apogee Duet going into GarageBand with no EQ-ing, compression, or effects.
Clip 1 – Bridge pickup. Envelope engaged, blend 10 o'clock, sensitivity 3 o'clock, level 1 o'clock, rate 3 o'clock, envelope controlling the rate, R toggle down, D toggle up.
Clip 2 – Middle pickup. Blend at 3 o’ clock, level at 1 o’clock, depth at 9 o’clock, and rate at noon.


Creative design. Mellow-to-manic modulation colors. Easy to switch between chaotic sounds and conventional ones.

Footswitches are close together. Some envelope settings might be too anarchic for some tastes.


Paradox Futura Multiparametric Envelope Chorus


Ease of Use:


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