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You could WIN John Bohlinger's Ultimate Broadway Pedalboard, valued at over $1,900! Giveaway ends June 21, 2024. Enter and see the video below.

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Rig Rundown: Scary Pockets' Ryan Lerman
Rig Rundown: Scary Pockets' Ryan Lerman

A hot-rodded Melody Maker, a pair of Deluxe Reverbs, and a custom-built ’board power this funk funhouse.

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We asked Barry O'Neal of Nashville’s XAct Tone Solutions for his vision of a ’board that would cover all the sonic bases for most pop, rock, and country sounds. Here’s what he created.

While in high school, thinking about guitar rigs was a regular pastime. Before I had built my first rig, I had thought through a hundred. I often vacillated, sometimes violently, between entertaining practical and fanciful considerations, bouncing off of budgetary limits and preparing for a theoretical band’s imagined show to an imagined, but supportive, audience. Now, one of the main aspects of my day job at XAct Tone Solutions (XTS) in Nashville is helping others build their dream ’boards. Whether it’s Peter Frampton or Billy Strings, Tom Bukovac or Andy Wood, every guitar player has a unique set of pedalboard needs and wants dictated by the music they dream about creating.

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