Vigier unveils their first single cutaway model, and a Limited Edition Bumblefoot Signature

Grigny, France (January 11, 2009) -- Vigier, the pioneer of carbon-fiber technology in guitar design, has announced two additions to its lineup this year: the single-cutaway G.V. series and a new limited-edition Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal signature model.

G.V. Series
After a year of intense research and development, Vigier proudly presents the G.V., which is the very first single-cutaway guitar the company has created. The G.V. is a tribute to Georges Vigier, who unselfishly contributed to the success of Vigier Guitars for over 20 years.

The G.V. Series will use the company's exclusive 10/90 system (10% carbon/90% wood) and what they'll only divulge as, "a few secrets in the design." Vigier says that this has created a light guitar with superior tonal characteristics, offering balanced response, lots of power, no dead spots on the fingerboard, and sustain that lasts forever. Furthermore, the G.V. benefits from having a zero fret and Teflon nut, which create less friction to allow strings to glide freely across the nut, and provide better stability in tuning. Depending on the model, the G.V.'s electronics will include a pair of either Amber or DiMarzio humbucking pickups that are activated by a 5-way pickup selector switch.

For this new series, Vigier has developed an exclusive bridge and tailpiece that can be locked in place once the setup is completed. This exceptional design prevents tuning problems and guarantees better sustain.

The G.V. Series includes three models: G.V.Metal, G.V.Rock, G.V.Wood. All instruments are carefully handcrafted by master luthiers using select grades of alder and maple.

2009 Bfoot Limited Edition
To celebrate a long collaboration between Vigier and Guns N' Roses guitarist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal, Vigier has released a Bfoot 2009 Limited Edition signature model.

Like the original Bfoot signature model, the 2009 Limited Edition benefits from the company's exclusive 10/90 system (10% carbon/90% wood), providing flawless stability of the neck, and the Vigier Floyd Rose vibrato, which pivots on bearings for more accurate and stable tuning. Additionally, this model is equipped with a push/push kill switch, Ron Thal's unique 5-way pickup selector switch, as well as a removable thimble for slide playing.

The Bfoot 2009 Limited Edition is available in black sparkle and textblack finish, and also includes a matching headstock.

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