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Vintage Tube Amp and Electronics Sale Planned

Vintage electronics sale planned for June 1.

Lakeport, CA (May 21, 2008) -- The legendary personal vintage tube hi-fi, literature and musical instrument collection of Charlie Kittleson, editor of Vacuum Tube Valley magazine, will be on sale June 1, 2008. In addition to Charlie, other sellers will be there with a variety of vintage tube amps and electronics from the 1930s through the sixties. The sale will be kicking off a series of five similar sales across the country, with sales in New York and Los Angeles confirmed.

Charlie, who is organizing the sales, says that each sale will have a different focus, whether speakers, amps or other components, but there will be vintage amps, guitars, and parts at every one.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see and purchase rare and collector quality vintage tube hi-fi power amps, integrated amps, preamps, receivers, tuners, vintage microphones, classic loudspeakers, rare audio books, catalogs, manuals, transformers, parts and rare audio vacuum tubes. Thousands of items including classic tube radios, ham radio receivers, vintage guitars and vintage guitar amps.

A list of Charlie''s items is available at, and Charlie says that other items of note at the sale include a Dumble amp. Many items for sale are in need of some rebuilding, and there will be tube testers to try the tubes before buying.

The sale is open to the general public, with free admission and parking, and a section of the sale will be devoted to items that have a broader appeal, such as fancy organic soaps, art candles, jewelry, books, DVDs and more.

The sale is at the Lodge at Blue Lakes, just 2.5 hours north of San Francisco in Wine Country and The Redwood Empire. For more information on accommodations and directions, visit