The AGA30 acoustic amp shares many of the features of the current AGA70 and AGA150, and provides 30 Watts of power, while the AGA4-AT is a 4-Watt, Class A, all-tube acoustic amp.

Anaheim, CA (January 26, 2012) -- VOX Amplification has announced two new additions to their AGA Acoustic Guitar Amplifier lineup. The AGA30 acoustic amp shares many of the features of the current AGA70 and AGA150, and provides 30 Watts of power. Also new is the AGA4-AT, a 4-Watt, Class A, all-tube acoustic amp. In addition to acoustic/electric guitars, the versatile amps in this line preserve the acoustic tone of nearly any acoustic instrument. Players can also connect an MP3 player to jam along with their favorite tunes.


The AGA30 is a two-channel amp featuring both a Normal channel and a Tube Pre-amp channel, complete with a 12AU7 dual triode vacuum tube. The Tube Pre channel provides a standard guitar input, as well as an XLR microphone input with selectable phantom power. The Normal channel offers a standard 1/4” guitar input. An additional Lo-Z / Hi-Z switch on each input accommodates a variety of signal levels. Each channel offers Bass and Treble EQ controls. Using a single knob, the Chorus or Reverb effect can be added in any amount, and both may be used together. The Anti-Feedback control minimizes acoustic feedback, allowing the AGA30 to be used for stage monitoring. The AGA30 provides 30 Watts of power through a full-range speaker. Equipped with a Direct/Tuner output, the AGA30 offers a convenient way to send the sound to a larger PA system. This output is also ideal for recording, using the AGA30 as a preamplifier. An MP3 player, laptop, keyboard or other audio source can be connected to the AUX input to enjoy a jam session. The optional VFS2 provides footswitch control of the Effect Bypass or All Mute functions, offering great flexibility during a live performance.

The AT stands for “All Tube,” and the single-channel AGA4-AT uses a 12AX7 preamp tube and a single EL84 power tube to create 4 Watts of Class A power delivered through full-range VOX speaker. In addition to separate Tone and Volume controls, the AGA4-AT offers a control for adding just the right amount of Reverb; creating a complete full-bodied acoustic tone. The AUX IN jack can be connected to any external audio source such an MP3 player, or even backing tracks on a laptop computer, allowing the player to jam along to their favorite tunes.

Both are expected to have an MSRP of $400.

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