Warwick unveils a signature model for U2 bassist Adam Clayton

Anaheim, CA (January 12, 2010) -- Warwick has announced a new signature bass for U2's Adam Clayton, along with new bass strings.

Adam Clayton Reverso Signature Bass
The fact that Adam Clayton of U2, the bassist of one of the biggest rock' n 'roll bands in the world, sought the collaboration with Warwick two years ago is a milestone for the soon to be 30-year-old success story of Warwick as a manufacturer of bass equipment. An intensive collaboration with the Warwick team under the guidance of Marcus Spangler created an unmatched bass that shines with its own voice and design.

The Warwick Adam Clayton Reverso Signature Bass not only stands out because of its extravagant design. The high quality components, like the selected 5A quilted maple top for the body and headstock, the Khaya Mahogany body, the 3A flamed maple neck with tiger stripe ebony fingerboard give this bass a unique tone with smooth elegance and a punch that a band like U2 needs every time they play.

An active MEC P split coil pickup captures the tone, new passive MEC electronics co-developed with Adam Clayton allow a separate reduction of high and low frequencies, and produce the typical Adam Clayton sound. The electrical outfitting of this Adam Clayton Reverso Bass also includes red LEDs on the fingerboard's edge providing the best orientation on dark stages. An all-around professional bass for one of the most demanding bassist in the world.

Red Strings Bronze Acoustic Bass Strings
Warwick expands its range of high quality and highly affordable acoustic bass strings products with the “Red Strings Bronze Acoustic Bass Strings“, which close the market gap for affordable but still high quality acoustic bass strings. The “Red Strings Bronze Acoustic Bass Strings“ will be available in two different sets – one medium scale (32”) for 4-string basses and one long scale (34”) for 5-string basses. The Bronze Acoustic Bass Strings sound very balanced across the complete fingerboard and deliver an excellent, powerful, warm and singing tone.

The manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) including VAT for the 4-String Medium Scale Set is £13.90, and for the 5-String Long Scale Set £18.90.

4-String Medium Scale: .045”, .065”, .085”, .105”

5-string Long Scale: .045”, .065”, .085”, .105”, .135”

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