WhiteBox cabinets are built in the USA and feature customizable options

Seattle, WA (October 21 2010) –Douglas White announced today the launch of WhiteBox Engineering. WhiteBox builds high-quality, custom guitar cabinets in USA and markets them through the company’s online store.

“During the past few years I’ve launched several new guitar amplification products, which required a lot of market research. I spent many hours where guitarists hang out, communicating with players of all styles. I saw a need in the market for high-quality, customizable speaker cabinets, at very affordable prices,” said White. "Delivering the products straight from the factory is the best way to make both the customization and pricing possible."

Customization of the WhiteBox product range only starts with the colors and fabrics available – the more important customization comes from the ability to choose from a wide range of speakers. WhiteBox offers the highly-popular Vintage 30 and G12K-100 from Celestion, but they specialize in Eminence Speakers – of which they offer nearly every model.

WhiteBox went online in September 2010, with three products in the Modern Series at launch, and several other configurations and styles in development. The Modern Series cabinets are made from 13-ply 18mm Baltic Birch and feature convertable rear panels for open, semi-open, or closed-back performance. The Modern Series currently offers 1x12, 2x12, and 4x12 cabinets, all available either loaded or unloaded.

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WhiteBox Engineering

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