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Win Five Accessories Every Guitarist Needs!

Win Five Accessories Every Guitarist Needs!

You could WIN a Guitarist Essentials Prize Package featuring gear from D'Addario, DMI Guitar Labs, Dunlop, Shubb Capos, Taylor Guitars, and Xvive! Giveaway ends in 30 days.

D'addario Backline Gear Transport Pack Solo

The D'Addario Backline gear transport solo pack provides a rugged yet ergonomic solution for transporting your essential gear between gigs. Designed with serious musicians in mind, this purpose-built pack features six specialized compartments to securely organize your laptop, cables, pedals, microphones, merchandise and more. Its heavy-duty construction and padded straps keep your equipment protected and your shoulders comfortable during transit. Multiple compartments provide dedicated space for your laptop, cables, pedals, mics and whatever else you need to bring to a show. Padded dividers keep items securely in place and prevent scratches. A large front pocket is perfect for smaller accessories like guitar picks or drum keys. There's even a padded laptop sleeve to keep your computer safe during travel.

DMI Guitar Labs Cleaning Kit



Fret Butter hydrates the wood and removes grime and oxidation from your frets in one simple application. The result is a clean hydrated fingerboard with shiny frets and a satin smooth finish protecting against sweat, acids, metal corrosion, and string abrasion.

Easily clean your finger-board with the Fret Butter all-in-one cloth
Prevent cracking and splitting of your finger-board
Bring back like-new luster to your frets
Fret Butter contains no harmful chemicals, is prop65 compliant, cruelty free and vegan. It is air-travel safe world-wide and ships to 169 countries. Fret Butter only contains food grade products and is free of lemon oil.

DMI Guitar Labs

Dunlop System 65 Complete Guitar and Bass Setup Tool Kit

System 65 Complete Gtr/Bass Setup Tool Kit

Shubb C8b Partial Capo for Drop-D Tuning - Brass

C8b Partial Drop-D Tuning Capo - Brass

Taylor Beacon Digital Clip-on Tuner - Black

That’s why Taylor’s new Beacon is the perfect accessory for any guitar player. This convenient, USB-chargeable multi-tool includes five essential functions to cover any musical situation:

  • Clip-on tuner
  • Metronome
  • Timer
  • Countdown
  • Flashlight

With its easy-to-use design and compact, versatile functionality, the Beacon represents the latest step in Taylor’s mission to make it easier for you to make music.


Xvive G1 Butterfly Guitar Stand Black

The Xvive G1 butterfly guitar stand provides a sturdy and lightweight home for your guitar. Thoughtfully designed in Germany, the Xvive G1 accommodates electric guitars, acoustic guitars, basses and other stringed instruments. With its smart, space-saving design, you can set it up in seconds and fold it down into a compact accessory. The Xvive G1's two-tiered cradle and backrest are lined with soft silicone that prevents your instrument from slipping and getting scratched. The stand has two points of contact with the body and two with the neck for a completely secure hold. Its silicone feet stop it from sliding across slick surfaces. The Xvive G1 has a small footprint that takes up minimal space when open, yet stores away in tight quarters. Its stylish perforated design looks sharp on stage as well as in your home studio or practice space. Any musician will appreciate how the Xvive G1 protects their instrument while disappearing when not in use. Whether you need an ultra-portable stand for gigging or a permanent home for your ax in your studio, the Xvive G1 butterfly guitar stand offers protection and stability in a lightweight, space-saving package.

On her new record with her trio, Molly Miller executes a live-feeling work of structural harmony that mirrors her busy life.

Photo by Anna Azarov

The accomplished guitarist and teacher’s new record, like her lifestyle, is taut and exciting—no more, and certainly no less, than is needed.

Molly Miller, a self-described “high-energy person,” is fully charged by the crack of dawn. When Ischeduled our interview, she opted for the very first slot available—8:30 a.m.—just before her 10 a.m. tennis match!

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On this season finale episode, the actor and musician leads a Prine-inspired songwriting session about how few tools we have in our collective toolbox.

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Featuring enhanced amp models, a built-in creative looper, AI-powered tone exploration, and smart jam features.

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Donner andThird Man Hardware’s $99, three-in-one analog distortion, phaser, and delay honors Jack White’s budget gear roots.

Compact. Light. Fun. Dirt cheap. Many cool sounds that make this pedal a viable option for traveling pros.

Phaser level control not much use below 1 o’clock. Repeats are bright for an analog delay. Greater range of low-gain sounds would be nice.


Donner X Third Man Triple Threat


A huge part of the early White Stripes mystique, sound, ethos, and identity was tied to guitars and amps that, at the time, you could luck into for cheap at a garage sale. These days, it’s harder to score a Crestwood Astral II, or Silvertone Twin Twelve with a part-time job in the ice cream shop. Back in the late ’90s, though, they were a source of raw, nasty sounds for less than a new, more generic guitar or amp.

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