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I LOVE Pedals Day #14: Interstellar Audio Machines

I LOVE Pedals Day #14: Interstellar Audio Machines

Today's I LOVE Pedals giveaway is from Interstellar Audio Machines. Enter for your chance to win an Octonaut Hyperdrive! Ends Feb. 15, 2022.

Octonaut Hyperdrive


Using the iconic Klon Centaur as a benchmark reference, the Interstellar Audio Machines team have painstakingly realized the original pedal’s magical sound and expressive dynamic response through meticulous analysis and detailed craftsmanship. Each Octonaut Hyperdrive features rare germanium diodes rigorously tested for optimum tone, an IC3 that converts voltages giving the player more headroom, a dual-ganged gain pot which expertly blend the clipping & clean stages, a selectable true/buffered bypass operation, and a refined circuit design for ultra consistent performance from pedal to pedal. Pair this little guy with any guitar rig and the resultant tone will lead to massive planetary destruction!

Here’s what you get with this out of this world pedal:

Top-Mounted Jacks
Dual Ganged Drive Knob with Volume, and Tone Knobs
Rare Germanium Diodes for Optimum Tone
Bypass Switch for On/Off True Bypass
9V battery and 9V power supply (sold separately)
Interstellar Audio Machines