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Stompboxtober 2023 Day #31 - TWA

Stompboxtober 2023 Day #31 - TWA

It's our final day of Stompboxtober for 2023! This very special Halloween giveaway is the TWA Octoverdrive! Enter here:


Just in time for Halloween, the TWA Octoverdrive features a 100% original drive circuit coupled with an analog Octavia.

Like Frankenstein’s Monster, cobbled together from discorporate parts and then electrified back to life, the heart of the Octoverdrive hides archaic, undead components that should not create sound – and yet, it lives!

Cursed to clip for all eternity using a set of selenium rectifiers, the Octoverdrive offers two channels of diabolical dirt:

TREAT – A thick, harmonically rich tube-like drive with the perfect degree of compression. Treat goes from creepy crunch to ghoulish gain with eerie ease.

TRICK – Adds a haunting, high-octave harmonic to the drive signal. Unlike other Octavia’s, the Octoverdrive retains low-end while boosting output level, effortlessly raising your guitar tone from the grave.

The Octoverdrive also features a 3-band cut/boost EQ circuit to hack & chop your tone to pieces. For the faint of heart, there’s a Dry Blend control to add a touch of purity to the Octoverdrive’s evil goodness.