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'The Subversive Guitarist' Giveaway

'The Subversive Guitarist' Giveaway

You could WIN a one-on-one lesson with Joe Gore, one of THREE pedals, and more in this giveaway! Ends May 17, 2022.

The Subversive Guitarist By Joe Gore (10 Winners)

Joe Gore

The Subversive Guitarist is for any intermediate or advanced player who feels like they are stuck in a rut. If you’ve ever thought, “I always play the same things whenever I pick up a guitar,” this is your remedy.

The Subversive Guitarist includes hundreds of exercises designed to free your hands and mind from auto-pilot licks, muscle-memory repetition, and box-pattern boredom.

These lessons are applicable to all musical styles. Music reading is not required — all musical examples appear in tab as well as standard notation.

The book purchase includes audio downloads for the hundreds of musical examples and links to relevant videos.