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10 Clip-On Guitar Tuners You Should Use

10 Clip-On Guitar Tuners You Should Use

Intellitouch PT40 Rechargeable Tuner
• Calibration: 430 Hz - 450 Hz
• No battery, recharges from USB power source (via included cable or third-party charger)
• Excellent mobility for screen positioning
• Bright, two-color screen
The PT40 is a rather unique tuner in that it doesn’t use a conventional battery. Instead, it relies on a built-in rechargeable power source that gets its charge through the included USB cable (or any other USB power source). This is a pretty neat feature for those on the go—and on a budget—but a little inconvenient for players who don’t have a USB power source handy. The documentation failed to mention how long the battery holds a charge, but pointed out that the tuner saves battery by automatically switching off after two minutes, if a vibration isn’t present.

Regardless, the PT40 performed admirably with the Martin, and I had absolutely no issues moving the screen around to a comfortable position. Both the screen and its clip tree were completely free to move, offering 360 degree movement in any direction. This was great and made it possible to leave the tuner tucked behind the guitar’s headstock, completely out of the way when I didn’t need it.

Compared to the PolyTune, the accuracy of the PT40 was decent, but a little problematic at times. Pitch readouts would wobble between sharp and in tune frequently, especially when tuning down a whole step. Reading the LCD was easy though, and I was impressed by its legibility and color-coding between green (in tune) and a rather alarming shade of red (flat or sharp). With the Martin, the tuner’s accuracy improved significantly, again likely due to the added acoustic resonance.

Street: $35.95

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