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65amps Introduces the Tupelo 20-Watt, 6V6 Amp

The Tupelo aims to recreate sixties American tones without those amps'' "bad habits"

North Hollywood, CA (January 21, 2010) -- We've received the official announcements of one of the new amps we saw at the NAMM Show, 65amps' Tupelo. Here's the details from the company:

65amps is pleased to introduce the Tupelo, a breakthrough amplifier rooted in the same lost designs as its brother, the popular 65amps “Lil Elvis,” but based on a 6V6 power section. The Tupelo’s unique circuitry and custom transformers create a platform that reveals the true character of the power tubes to a surprising level. The 6V6 power section produces an outstanding example of American circuitry from the late fifties through the mid-sixties while at the same time removing all the bad behaviors of those old amps. The Tupelo is a must for players whose ears are tuned to American circuits and sounds.

The super-versatile Tupelo delivers surprising power in a compact, 20-Watt amp and features an astonishing vocabulary, touch sensitivity, and harmonic richness. Its lush, soulful clean tone easily rolls over into harmonically complex distortion, offering the best of both worlds to players of all music genres. Loaded with 65amps’ proprietary Master Voltage power technology, which keeps the entire vocabulary, authority, and response down to 2 or 3 Watts, the Tupelo sounds and feels right at any volume, from bedroom to coffee house to small clubs. The Tupelo particularly shines as a tonally and harmonically flexible studio amp.

The Tupelo also features a passive FX Loop, two speaker outs, 65amps’ unique bias tremolo and of tone for days!
The Tupelo will be available as a head or combo and list for $1850 or $2295, respectively.

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