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AER Announces Pocket Tools Line of Acoustic Sound Editing Tools

The new line launches with three stomp-box sized units including two preamps and one EQ

Germany (January 3, 2011) – Germany’s AER (Audio Electric Research) will introduce its new Pocket Tools line of fine sound editing tools for acoustic instruments at the 2011 NAMM Show.

This collection of three stomp-box sized units includes two preamps and one EQ. Designed for precision sound optimization, these high-end tools feature superb signal-to-noise ratio, and boast the impressive dynamic headroom typical of all AER products.

The collection includes:

Colourizer (Retail: $449)
A two-channel preamp/DI-box for mic or line signals with volume, gain, and DI level controls, plus three sound-shaping control sections:
• Tone – for bass/treble accentuation
• Enhancer – widens and colors sound with rich overtones
• Equalizer – parametric EQ

Dual Mix (Retail: $599)
A two-channel preamp/DI-box for mic or line signals, with four digital effect presets (short & long reverb, chorus, and flanger). The versatile Dual Mix functions great as a stage preamp, a headphone/rehearsal preamp, or as a solution for channel extension.

Dual Para EQ (Retail: $429)
A dual-band parametric EQ with switchable frequency ranges. Reduce disturbing frequencies and tailor your sound to individual preferences. Dual Para EQ is perfectly suited for use in combination with Colourizer or Dual Mix, or as a stand-alone tool in your signal chain.

Each Pocket Tool includes a 24V DC power supply and convenient carrying case.

Pocket Tools are currently available in Europe, with North American availability scheduled for March 2011.

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