The new Markbass Alain Caron signature combo features a bi-amped design that sends 100 watts to its compression tweeter and 500 watts to a 12" driver. The tones are thumping and articulate, and the removable top hatch makes it a cinch to access rear-panel jacks.

Satellite Amps revived the White Higher Fidelity brand with the new Model 80. Based on the early combo made for Forrest White by Leo Fender, the Model 80 features a 6V6 tube for 4 watts of power, a 12AX7 preamp tube, and either a 5Y3 or a 5AR4 rectifier, as well as an 8" alnico-magnet Jensen Special Design or a Voice of Rock speaker.

Sandberg Guitars—a German brand with a proud 25-year heritage—announced its entry into the American market at the show. The Umbo bass (left) includes Häussel pickups, a 3-position Tone switch, and Volume, Balance, and Tone knobs, while the 5-string Custom Thinline has a mahogany-and-walnut hollowbody with a flamed-maple top, as well as a Delano Xtender pickup and a Sandberg 3-band EQ.