Ernie Ball

Super Locks
These have a push-button, quick-release design with positive locking pins to ensure the locks won’t release until buttons are completely depressed. Super Locks are case-hardened and steel-plated. Available in black, gold, and nickel.
Street: $24.99


Strap -Ons
Made from recyclable high-quality neoprene rubber and designed to fit almost any strap button for guitar or bass. Installation is simple: Slip one over your strap and button.
Street: $6 (for 12-pack), $15 (for 30-pack)


XL Strap Locks
Made for extra-thick straps and available in black, chrome, and nickel. Allows for one-handed “easy on/easy off” engage and release action, yet can still resist a pull force of 220 pounds.
Street: $23.60–$39.99

Grolsch Lager

Swing-top Bottle Washers
Guitarists and bassists have long utilized the red rubber washers from these swing-top bottles as a thrifty strap-lock solution. The bonus: These DIY strap locks come with beer attached.
Street: Varies according to thirst.