NSL8200 Euro-Loks
These zinc die-cast and brass constructed strap locks feature a custom wingnut design and plunger locking mechanism to provide a secure and confident quick-change strap connection. Each pair of locks comes with a dual-purpose wrench that also serves as a bottle opener.
Street: $12.95


Security Locks
This widely used system comes in eight finishes so players can closely match other hardware on their axes. Extra long screws are included with all Security Locks for use on Gibson models.
Street: $14.99–$23.99


Gold Pearl Strap Locks
From basic to flashy like the gold pearl set shown here, each set comes complete with strap buttons, screws, rings, and locks. Decorative rings are available for players who already own strap locks.
Street: $24 and up


Straplok Dual Design Strap Retainers
Release-tested up to 800 pounds of pull, these Dual Design Straplok feature a 360-degree groove-and-ball design that allows full, catch-free rotation, and are available in four finishes.
Street: $11.99–$19.99 depending on finish