The MusicCord Pro is an AC power cord designed to enhance audio performance, and uses patented, multi-conductor power cordage geometry. According to Essential Sound, the multiple-conductor design “eliminates phase distortions and allows faster current delivery.” For certain, the cord manifests a superior quality of construction and design—using custom-molded IEC connectors and plugs, braided copper shielding, conductors soldered and crimped to the pins, etc.

The question on everyone’s mind when a subject like this comes up is: does it really make a difference? For me, there were two stages to answering this question. Before I tested it, one of our resident gearheads summed things up by pointing to the inexpensive power cord I was holding for the sake of physical comparison, saying, “You’re going to plug a $3,000 guitar into a $3,000 amp. Which AC cord to you think is going make you wonder if you could’ve done better?” Good point.

The second stage of the test was less ambiguous. Are you going to hear a difference? Yes. Simply put, hearing is believing. Is it a big difference? For me it was. I tested the MusicCord Pro with a pair of EL34-powered amps (a Goodsell Black Dog 50 and a 50-watt Egnater hot-rodded plexi type) and a humbucker-equipped guitar (a Duesenberg MC signature); the improvement in clarity was immediate and unmistakable. Imagine sitting in a convertible with the top up and the windows down all the way … adding the MusicCord Pro to your rig is like dropping the top—you get the idea. While you might not need it to power your practice amp, it’s an investment worth considering for just about any other application.

Even better, Essential Sound president Michael Griffin is exploring the possibility of woven polyester cable jackets in an assortment of eye-popping colors.

Essential Sounds Products, Inc.
MSRP $179