Eden WTX-264
Eden’s WTX-264 straddles the region between the micro-micros and our pair of micros in the middle. Like the others in the first group, its power is in the 200-plus range, delivering 260 to 300 watts. Like the middle group, the WTX-264 has a few more features, and a price ($449) that goes with them. The front panel of the WRX-264 is filled with knobs and jacks, with six knobs across the top and six jacks (and a Mute switch) right below. The gold-toned front and rear panels, black knurled knobs, flat-black metal jacks, and backlit Eden logo gives it the look and feel of old-school audiophile equipment. Eden’s trademark Enhance control is included on this unit—working much like a contour control on other amps—boosting the highs and lows while cutting the mids. And Eden’s controls are like hot sauce, with a little going a long way.

The WTX-264 uses what Eden calls a “unique, class D power module” that can run off of any power rating you might find—110 or 220 volts, 50 or 60 cycles. Just unplug one power cord, pop in another and you’re ready to go, right off the plane. On the back, you’ll find both a speakON jack and a pair of 1/4" output jacks.

While playing my P bass through the WTX-264, the sound was present, warm, and authoritative. This little amp provided solid punch, yet didn’t get boomy. Likewise, dialing in a bit of Enhance warmed things up without adding any mud. The Bass Boost control on the WTX-264 is a bit unusual, somewhat like the loudness control on some home sound systems that bumps up the lows at low-volume settings, but backs them off when things get louder. Likewise, the Mid Shift control serves double-duty, with a center at either 550 Hz for warm mids or 2.2 kHz for a more present tone. For a price of $449, the WTX-264 offers a voice of its own in a small, sturdy package.

Street $449