Greenville, PA (July 3, 2012) – The GPG Co./ Acoustic USA is now launching its faithful re-issue of the original Acoustic 360/361 bass amplifier. With almost 10 plus years of meticulous work and planning, the Acoustic 360/361 is reborn entirely in the USA. Acoustic USA products are updated classics giving you modern features and reliability, while still keeping true to the tone, style and heritage of their legendary Acoustic roots.

The Acoustic 360/361’s trade mark blue is as recognizable as the musicians it supported during its reign as king of the bass amplifiers. It has now returned to take its place among the best as well as bring its tradition to a whole new generation. With the 360 preamplifier combined with the classic 361 amplified cabinet, you can possess all the original power and massive output. Acoustic USA also produces an array of other cabinet designs to suit all the needs from on the road to in the studio.

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