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The Montreal Guitar Show just might be the most robust gathering of high-end luthiers on the planet. Held in conjunction with the Festival International de Jazz de Montreal, the MGS features a diverse lineup of guitar makers and accessories manufacturers from around the world that reads like a Who’s Who of boutique all-stars. Exhibition at this world-class event is by invitation only, so there are no big manufacturer’s displays. The MGS is about the kind of craftsmanship practiced by artisans who have limited production capacity—when they aren’t fulfilling select orders for true aficionados, they’re inventing the new designs and innovative features that will be incorporated over time into mainstream luthierie.

There’s a lot to the MGS—in addition to the fine gear (which includes commissioned pieces for the event), there are seminars, artist performances and of course, a tremendous display of community. The interaction and exchange of ideas between these like minds is an exciting thing to witness. In addition to our on-site Twitter photos as the event was taking place, we’ve got some meaty coverage of what we experienced in Montreal. Keep an eye out for videos, a magazine feature, and some eye-popping photo galleries, the first which is below.