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It’s no substitute for the in-your-face experience of a live Blues Explosion show, but these videos give a glimpse into the essence of the band while they’re live and on fire.

JSBX rocks “Burn it Off” in Dijon, France: Judah Bauer channels his inner twang with jangly country while Jon Spencer busts out a rare acoustic and Russell Simins plays a cardboard box with a badminton racket.

At KEXP in Seattle, Spencer proclaims that his band is “fighting a war,” while trading energy-infused licks with Judah Bauer on “Get Your Pants Off” from the new album.

Spencer’s fuzzed-out, downtuned Zimgar guitar gets intense in this mid-’90s performance of “2 Kindsa Love” in London, while Bauer stays clean, focused, and on point.