YouTube It

To see the Kentucky Headhunters whipping up a storm, check out the following clips:
A full-length concert clip from the 2011 Lilac Festival in Rochester, New York. This video features great moments aplenty including some killer unaccompanied Greg Martin licks from 8:57–9:32.

Another full-length concert clip. This one is from the 2008 Rochester International Jazz Festival and offers over an hour and a half of Southern-fried pickin’.

Live, all-acoustic renditions of songs from the Kentucky Headhunters’ latest release, Dixie Lullabies. Selections include “Great Acoustics,” “Tumblin’ Roses,” and “Dixie Lullaby.” This was recorded at the Select-O-Hits warehouse and features drummer Fred Young making good use of a Select-O-Hits cardboard box, among many highlights.