Anaheim, CA(January 12, 2011) -- The new Mod Zero is the latest guitar effects creation by Portland Oregon boutique designer Jack Deville Electronics. Mod Zero is the all-in-one box that creates all types of modulation and some special "holy grail" tones that players have chased for years. Mod Zero is a 100% analog modulation box that features vintage and modern takes on famous and unheard sounds.

• True Through Zero Flanging
• Pitch Shifting Vibrato

• Vintage and Modern Chorus
• Filter Matrix
• Leslie Rotating Speaker
• Jet Flanging, Phasing, and more.

Mod Zero utilizes two of the company's Click-Less True-Bypass Switching systems for two modes of operation and a unique dry/wet control that enables the user to dial in any modulation tone on the fly. There are six analog controls on the face of this petite enclosure. (3.7"W x 4.7"D 1.4"H)

All input/output/DC jacks are on the top face of the enclosure to accommodate cramped pedalboard layouts. MOD ZERO is powered by 9VDC or a 9V battery.

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Jack DeVille

Source: Press Release