PG's Chris Kies is On Location at the 2010 LA Amp Show where he swings by the Friedman Amplification room. In this video segment, we get to check out Friedman's Dirty Shirley and Naked heads. The Dirty Shirley sounds like Jimmy Page on the early Zeppelin records. Watch our video demo and decide just how accurate that statement is. (We have a mountain of editing to do... keep an eye out, that video is coming soon!)The Dirty Shirley is a 6L6-based head with a tube rectifier. Friedman describes the amp as being loosely based on a JTM45 platform, but the amp does have a Gain control and Master Volume, too. In comparison to a lot of Friedman's other popular amps (Naked, Brown Eye), the Dirty Shirley is a little more "classic" and has no switches and no effects loop—just great rockin' tone.