Mundelein, IL (Jan 20, 2012) -- Parker Guitars introduces the The Parker Maxx Fly 7 string. With the same lightweight, modern design and top-of-the-line electronics, it is the perfect example of versatility that progressive players look towards.

The Maxx Fly 7 String features a mahogany body reinforced with carbon fiber glass epoxy with a Parker 7 string bridge, designed specifically for this instrument. It comes with a Seymour-Duncan Distortion® SH6N pickup in the neck position and a Seymour-Duncan Distortion TB6 in the bridge position. Additionally, Ghost® piezo saddles with a MIDI preamp are featured in this guitar. The Maxx Fly 7 String is available in dusty black, galaxy grey, and metallic red, all in gloss finish.

The neck is mahogany with a carbon glass epoxy fingerboard and a 25.5” scale with 24 frets. Sperzel Trim-Lok tuners are standard.

The Maxx Fly 7 string will be available for $5,999.00.

The new Maxx Fly Bass represents the culmination of Parker Guitars' finest work in a bass.

The body is crafted of swamp ash and is backed with Parker's famous carbon glass epoxy wrap. It’s built to sound big, featuring an EMG ‘P’ split-neck pickup, an EMG® ‘MMCS’ bridge pickup, and an EMG piezo buffer. The Parker designed Hipshot bridge also houses the Ghost piezo saddles. It is available in a gloss finish, with colors including dusty black, 3-tone sunburst, and candy lemon yellow.

The neck is poplar with a carbon glass epoxy fretboard sporting 24 stainless steel frets and Hipshot Ultra Light lollipop tuners. The entire bass weighs in at approximately 6 lbs. A fretless version is also available.

The Maxx Fly Bass will be available for $5,998.67.

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