Wood and I discuss his latest album, I Feel Like Playing, at the New
York Palace Hotel on September 23, 2010. Photo by Joe Coffey

You announced in May there would be a Faces reunion tour.

Yeah, we did that with [Simply Red singer] Mick Hucknall. He sang like Rod [Stewart] did in the ’70s—he was incredible. We only did three shows, because Mick’s out with Simply Red, putting that band to bed now.

But there was also something about a tour next year, right?

Yeah, probably in January we will come over here.

And will that also be with . . .

That will be with Mick Hucknall. But I’m having dinner with Rod Stewart next week. The whole thing has his blessing, and he likes the way that Mick is very respectful of his singing—and the other way around. If it weren’t for Rod’s red tape and his management, we’d have him doing it. But Rod also self-admits that he can’t sing in those keys anymore, like in the early ’70s. Mick Hucknall can, but even after the three shows, Mick went, “My god, I don’t know how Rod kept this up for all those years. My voice is in shreds!” Because we did them all in the original keys. “Too Bad” and “Miss Judy’s Farm” and “Pool Hall Richard” and “Stay with Me.” Mick would say to me, “That’s so high to sing!”

You’re doing quite a bit of publicity for your new album, I Feel Like Playing . . .

And the President of the United States calls! [Laughs.]

And they will be here any minute.

That’s gonna be fun!

You’re just hobnobbing with so many . . . well, I guess that’s your life, right?

Oh, man. There you go—there you go, kids: You can end up in the president’s company if you want! [Laughs.]