Studio City, CA (February 16, 2012) - Rotosound is announcing over forty new Guitar Picks to its selection of guitar accessories. The guitar picks come in packs of six and are made from either celluloid, Delrin or PVC.

Historically celluloid was the first plastic ever used to make guitar picks. These picks are the ones that most closely resemble the feel and sound of real tortoise shell and come in the standard celluloid or pearloid finish. They both feel smooth to the touch with their polished finish and have a warm vintage sound. The celluloid guitar picks are available in four thicknesses, the classic shape in classic, small and large sizes, the heart shape, the small teardrop shape and the small shark tooth shape. The pearloid guitar picks are available in the classic size and shape.

Delrin guitar picks are less rigid than the celluloid ones and come in a wider range of thicknesses. They have a warm woody tone that emphasises the lower order harmonics. The Delrin guitar picks are extremely durable with a matte surface that makes the pick easier to grip, particularly with sweaty hands. These picks are available in the classic size and shape, in the shark tooth shape (same basic size, but with a more aggressive point for precision playing), or in a large classic shape.

If you need a more affordable guitar pick, then Rotosound can offer PVC guitar picks, in three different thicknesses in the classic size and shape with either an opaque or transparent finish.

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