Sun Valley, CA (January 22, 2013) – Schecter Amplification celebrates the announcement of the Hellwin series of amplifiers – a collaboration between Synyster Gates and Schecter Amplification.  The Hellwin USA 100 is the initial entry in the Hellwin series, a line of products that Schecter Amplification plans to bring to market with Synyster Gates over the coming years.  “As soon as we started building amps, working with Synyster on his own designs seemed like a natural step after the nearly 10-year relationship we have shared,” says Executive Vice President Marc LaCorte. “After years of trying to get all of the tone, playability and versatility I wanted in an amp, I turned to my friends at Schecter and legendary amp designer James Brown.  Together we have created Hellwin, a line of amps engineered to sound and perform at the highest level whether you're on the big stage or in your garage,” remarked Gates.

The first amp in the Hellwin series is the Hellwin USA 100, a custom-designed, all-tube model.  Working in conjunction with renowned amplifier guru, James Brown, the Avenged Sevenfold guitarist set out to design an amp that not only captured his unique tone, but also would prove to be an important asset to players of all styles in their studio and live work.  The much-heralded guitarist worked every step of the way with Brown to create this truly remarkable amp. The entire Schecter Amplification team worked tirelessly, including company President Michael Ciravolo who states, “the Hellwin USA 100 design is the perfect start to our new Schecter Amplification division…. and observing Syn being there every step of the design process was key to the creation of this authentic line of amps”.

About the Hellwin USA 100 Amplifier:
• Made in U.S.A.
• A collaboration between Synyster Gates and Schecter Amplification
• Co-created with renowned amp designer James Brown, the Hellwin has rich bloodlines and is destined to be a rock classic.
• 100 watt / All Tube Design (MIDI Switchable)
• Three Channels w/ Independent EQ and Gain Boost
• Front Panel Custom Noise Gate
• Innovative Active/Passive inputs
• 4 position 'Focus' Control

The Hellwin's classic design stands out and matching 4x12 Speaker Cabinets are also available: 
• Four Celestion Vintage-30 Speakers 16ohm
• Baltic Birch Solid Construction
• Mono or Stereo
• Angle and Straight design

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