PG's Rebecca Dirks is On Location in Nashville, TN, where she visits the Flaxwood Guitars booth. In this segment, we get to check out two of their newest models--the 3S-T Haarii Special & DMZ-H Vasara. Plus, watch for the Leon Russell sighting during the video, too!

The Haarii Special was said to be designed to deliver super, muscular Strat tones while preserving the warmth and deep responsiveness that characterizes all Flaxwood guitars. The Seymour Duncan SP90 pickup in the neck gives the instrument full, jazz box-like tones, while the two Duncan SSL-6's create all the twang and bite you'd ever want. The guitar also features a super stable Schaller LP Tremolo bridge, 5-way switch and a uniquely wired blend knob that adds the bridge pickup in the neck position and the neck pickup in the bridge, or bridge/middle position, allowing for all three pickups to be used at once.

Fat power chords, screaming harmonics, singing sustain, and a commanding appearance - the Flaxwood Vasara (vasara = hammer) is a true rocker's dream. Features a Gotoh Tune-o-matic Bridge and pickups by DiMarzio. Ideal for heavier rock and metal.