PG's Shawn Hammond is On Location in Frankfurt, Germany, for the 2010 Musikmesse show where he visits the TC Electronic booth. In this segment, we get a rundown of TC's new bass amp combo - the BG500. The BG500 is built off the RH450 bass amp platform with a few key alterations and changes.

TC Electronic's BG500 is 500 Watts of power combined with custom-built Eminence drivers, tone shaping tools and a full list of ground-breaking features, making both BG500s (1x15 or 2x10) a suitable rig for any gig. BG500 shares many of the tools that have made the revolutionary RH450 bass amp such a success. BG500 features the incredible SpectraComp? compressor from RH450 that allows per string compression that evens out the compression across all strings, creating a much more musical sound. BG500s TubeTone? effect has also been taken directly from the RH450 amp, and rather than replicating a tube sound using one small preamp tube, it emulates the characteristics of a tube preamp and true tube power amp section to deliver an unrivaled full tube sound. Yet another feature ported from the RH450 is the user-defined presets. Combined with tone shaping tools, these presets allow bass players to create the tones they need and then switch between them instantly and seamlessly. For quick and instant tuning, BG500 also features a fully integrated bass tuner that automatically mutes when activated, allowing for swift, silenced tuning. Furthermore, BG500 introduces the innovative TweeterTone? control that allows front panel tweeter control, as well as two new Contour shapes that create warm and smooth tones instantaneously.