Christian Lee and Octavius Nebeaux, Dolores Boys
The Dolores Boys, Christian Lee and Octavius Nebeaux, are hardly the first to send their Telecasters through a laptop—nor the first to strum with a drumstick. But this didn’t turn out to be a performance suspect of email checking or pretense.

Instead, Lee rocked out. His singing—barely decipherable, yet smart and as visceral as the music—alone would differentiate him from the masses of less extroverted guitar processors. He goes further, letting the music shake him, occasionally even out into the audience.

A tiny theater with eight people seated might not sound like the perfect venue for the Dolores Boys’ performance, but it was. A band this amplified, in which Nebeaux’s every touch and slight scrape of his strings barreled out of the P.A., was further illuminated by the dimly lit, silent surroundings. When they were loud (which is most of the time), it was hard to tell who was making what sounds. In general, though, Lee sang, played the faster riffs, and started the tracks on the laptop. Nebeaux seemed like the more amplified, droning player, and also had a small drumset at his disposal.

“He’s actually a really great guitar player,” Lee says of Nebeaux. “Folk, blues, anything. He could sit down and you’d think he was the greatest guitar picker, and that that’s all he does. I think we [both] come from a pretty wide range of intense, strange, beautiful music.”

Watch Dolores Boys at Philadelphia's Random Tea Room, October 2012: