may 2013

MXR''s Bass Chorus Deluxe serves up a clean chorus that preserves your primary bass tone, and offers up some cool extras not found on other chorus pedals.

More than ever, pedal builders understand that guitarists aren’t the only ones looking for new dimensions in sound. Consequently, the number and variety of effects for low enders grows each year. One long-standing member in this society of pedal builders is MXR. Thanks to their extensive product line, they’ve played a part in some of rock’s most memorable music for decades. And with Jim Dunlop at the helm, MXR Bass Innovations has produced a number of bass pedals that have garnered high praise from players over the years. Looking to continue on that success, they recently introduced their latest effect for bassists—the feature-packed Bass Chorus Deluxe.

Time Tweakers and Stereo Shifters
The Bass Chorus Deluxe is powered by “bucket-brigade” technology, an old-school approach of taking the signal and passing it through a series of capacitors. This methodology to sound transmission is meant to create a unique and musical delay that keeps the original notes up front and shifts the secondary signal into a more supportive role.

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The new Gibson EB bass features a totally new body style, a pair of newly designed pickups, and a vibe that’s all its own.

If you ran a survey asking folks to name the most iconic electric guitar manufacturer ever, you’ll get a variety of answers, but the majority may likely end up being a split between Gibson and Fender. Change the question to most iconic electric guitar and bass manufacturer ever, and that number will probably skew heavier in favor of the company Leo built.

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The tone, playability, and flawless build of the Vigier Excalibur Special 7 elevates the guitar to a level of all-around performance that few companies can touch.

In an industry that so often looks backward, Vigier Guitars seems to thrive on pushing forward. They were among the first electric-guitar builders to experiment with carbon fiber-reinforced wood to improve durability and tuning stability. They’ve used onboard microprocessors and helped pave the way for the fretless guitar with their Surfreter in the early ’80s.

Vigier has also catered to 7-string players for more than 30 years. And though the new Excalibur Special 7 reviewed here doesn’t find Vigier reinventing the wheel, the tweaks and refinements that set this guitar apart make it one of the biggest-sounding and slinkiest-playing 7-strings you’ll ever encounter.

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