Loads of shiny, new gear comes through the doors ofPremier Guitarheadquarters every month. We polish the pristine finishes, breathe in the scents of fresh wood and lacquer, and delight in turning knobs and flipping switches for the very first time. But while we’ll frankly admit we’re in a pretty enviable position to be able to go through this unboxing ritual just about every day of the week, there’s something to be said for the romance and nostalgia of storied gear that’s served its time. Whether it’s put to use on stages or in bedrooms, loved gear often means so much more to us than the brand-new stuff. That’s why we introduced a new online feature this year called “Show Us Your Gear.” These web-exclusive galleries give you the opportunity to peek into each other’s rigs and see what’s being used in real life, not just on our review bench. And from the response we’ve gotten so far, you enjoy these glimpses as much as we do.

So far this year, we’ve asked to see your go-to guitar, your favorite dirt box, your practice or recording spaces, and your pedalboards. In the following pages, you’ll find some of our favorite submissions— but there’s a lot more where they came from. We couldn’t possibly fit them all in here, check out the rest in the full galleries and make sure to submit your photos for future galleries.

#1 Guitars-See the full gallery here

2007 Gibson Les Paul Custom, Justin Pfeiffer
“I recently purchased this rare Gibson Les Paul Custom in sparkle finish with the rare ‘Stinger’ on the back of the headstock. It’s a 2007 Custom Shop model and is my new favorite. The guitar weighs just shy of 11 lbs. The pictures do not do this one justice—in person it looks absolutely amazing.”

1983 Electra X935CS Pro Endorser, Pete Palmeri

“This guitar is more like my best friend. No really, I’ve spent more countless hours with it than most people I know. It’s my favorite (I have 12) because, firstly, look at it, it’s just beautiful! It has never let me down, it stays in tune no matter what I do to it. It was not my first, but it was the first one that I really became attached to. It was the only electric guitar that I played on stage during my ten years with a working band. I don’t play out anymore, but I do play often, and my Electra is always there.”

Artinger Guitars Custom Hollow Sport
“I’d been playing Matt’s [Artinger] prototype Hollow Sport model with my trio (instrumental jazz/pop/rock), and for some of the tunes I was writing I started hearing a Bigsby and single-coil pickups. I started talking to Matt and the idea for this guitar took shape: start with the Hollow Sport platform, add a Bigsby, a pair of P-90s (in this case a vintage pair along with a vintage wiring harness), an ebony fretboard with a 25.5-inch scale length, and a transparent green finish over a flame maple top. The back and sides are mahogany with a ‘warm natural’ finish. The underlying idea was to take an ES-330/Casino (personal references: Grant Green and the Beatles) and Gretschify it some, hence the green color, logo, and inlays (logo and inlays courtesy of my designer friend and fellow gearhead, Tom Kesel). For me, it absolutely nailed the sound and look I had envisioned.”

Hamer Monaco SuperPro, Jeff Williams

“I am very fortunate to have several beautiful guitars, but this one with a 25" scale, chambered body and Brazilian rosewood fingerboard just has that ‘thing.’ The 25" scale gives it the snap of a Fender, while the humbuckers and Brazilian board add the Les Paul mojo. The humbuckers have coil taps, so they become crisp and clear taking on the single-coil realm! I play blues, funk and country and my Hamer lets me do it all!”

2004 Gibson CS-356, Mike McQuain

“This 2004 Gibson CS-356 is one of a limited run of about 40 that were made in honeyburst with a slim ‘60s neck for Wildwood Guitars in Colorado. She is all stock except I put speed knobs on her to match my Les Paul Custom. This guitar is my #1 and has the perfect blend of features in my opinion, with a Les Paul-sized body (but a little lighter, it weighs 7 lbs 4.2 oz) and similar tones. The Classic 57 pickups give me everything from a Les Paul’s growl and bite to an ES-335’s ‘woody’ tones, and I can even make it sound like a Tele if I play near the bridge on the front pickup and set my amp just right!”