Gaithersburg, MD (April 25, 2012) – The DC Voltage Company announces immediate availability of the Power-Chain Retail Pack.  This convenient and inexpensive pack includes 5 Power-Chain cables to allow easy yet total customization of power wiring for any pedalboard or setup.

Patented Power-Chain Cables are single-section cable segments that can be easily plugged and unplugged to exactly suit any pedalboard arrangement.  Power-Chain segments may be independently replaced if damaged, and because they may be added to exactly match the number of pedals present, there are no more loose or dangling cable ends to short out, nor bunched-up cable clutter.

Power-Chain can handle over 2 amperes of sustained current flow and presents no degradation to power handling or functionality.

The Power-Chain Retail Pack is priced at US $19.00.

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