My Daddy''s Guitar

from some Appalachian blogger

Here''s a riff for you sentimental bluegrass pickers. The song, "My Daddy''s Guitar,"  written by Paul Wilson, is blogged about by Wilson''s brother here.

Bonus: music player with bluegrass goodness.

Paul Jackson Jr.

from the Arizona Daily Star

Jazz phenom-turned-Idol-rocking guitarist Paul Jackson Jr. is so good we give him a pass for having played on Backstreet Boys recordings. Here''s a profile that gives you a little more insight into the PRS slinger who does his thing on one of the most-watched shows in American history.

Bonus: tidbits like this: as a child actor, Jackson made appearances on Good Time
s and Mayberry R.F.D. Dyn-o-mite!

Page/Jones rock with foo fighters

from the Telegraph (UK)

Okay, scoring tickets to a Foo Fighters show is cool enough, now imagine being there when Grohl busts out some guest musicians with, oh, pretty good chops: Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones. The Telegraph has the story.

Bittersweet Bonus: Page suggested the Zep reunion tour might not happen until the fall of ''09.