Crazy Poster

Steve Vai Produces Hank Garland Film


A feature film about the life of 1950s guitarist Hank Garland will debut tomorrow (Sunday, March 2) at the 14th Annual Sedona International Film Festival and Workshop in Sedona, Arizona. Executives Producers for the film Crazy are Ray Scherr and Steve Vai. Vai also has a cameo as Hank Williams.
Suitcase Cover

Steve Khan''s Suitcase

from All About Jazz has some very friendly words to say about jazz guitarist Steve Khan’s newest album, which is set to release on March 4. Suitcase (2008) is a recording of a 1994 performance at the Stadtgarten Club in Koln, Germany. The 150-minute live recording features Khan, bassist Anthony Jackson and drummer Dennis Chambers. Visit Khan’s website by clicking here.
Guitar on Green Wall

Decorative Guitars

from the Rocky Mountain Telegram

In the house decorating battle between men and women, whose taste wins out in the end? Fighting for a photograph of Barney Fife loading bullets in his gun could mean restless nights on the living room couch. This Telegram writer discusses a negotiable alternative: guitars as wall art.