Lars Ulrich

Metallica May Share FREE Music

from The Age

Woah, woah, woah. Does anyone remember the amount of crying Metallica did over the whole Napster person-to-person file sharing earlier this decade? The band was one of the first and most vocal opponents of illegal file sharing, at one point suing their listeners for illegally downloading their songs.
We''re not sure what happened, but the band may join Radiohead and NIN in releasing their music over the internet -- for free. Hypocritical? What do you think? All we know is that we are wondering what''s on the mind of those poor fans who were sued all those years ago.

George Molchany with guitar

For Your Tuning Pleasure -- George Molchany

from Penn Live

Here''s a quick interview with C.F. Martin''s George Molchany, whose hands are often the last to touch any C.F. Martin guitar before it leaves the factory. As an 18 year veteran, his fingers have graced the guitars of John Mayer, Paul Simon, Stephen Stills and Eric Clapton. But he hasn''t always been the "tune guy." Over the course of his Martin career, he has worked in pearl inlay, final set up, electronics and repair. All in all, not too shabby a career.

Circus VHS Cover

The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus

from YouTube

The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus was shot in December of 1968 with the intention of airing on BBC the following year. Sadly, the Stones were not overly excited about their 1-4 a.m. performance with a lazy-eyed, drug-induced crowd struggling to stay awake after sitting in a circus tent (Wembley Studios in London) for over 12 hours. As a result, they canned the film for nearly 30 years. Regardless, this is still something to see.

The video is noteworthy for a number of reasons: Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath can be seen during his brief stint with the "new band" Jethro Tull, John Lennon, Eric Clapton, Mitch Mitchel and a bass-wielding Keith Richards perform as the Dirty Mac Band, The Who performs one of their infamous rock operas, Taj Mahal and Jesse Ed Davis rock "Ain''t That A Lot Of Love," and Marianne Faithfull and Yoko Ono both sing (well, Yoko screams) less than a month after their miscarriages. You can also see why the Rolling Stones were less than thrilled with their on-screen performance. Finally, you can watch the struggling Brian Jones in one of his last appearances with the Stones before his death.