Tampa, FL(March 6, 2008) -- Check out these interviews with Trivium''s Matt Heafy and Corey Beaulieu. We talked to them about their new signature Dean USA guitars. Matt''s hot-rodded ML is loaded with special design features that cater to his heavy style. Corey''s tricked-out V is built for finesse. Both guitars have 24 frets and new signature pickups that both guitarists are unveiling with these new signature models. We also talk to Dean Guitars designer Josh Maloney about the process of building new Deans for these rock monsters.

We chatted with these guys while on a recent trip to Dean''s new USA factory in Tampa, FL. Keep an eye out for more inside scoop from Dean USA in Premier Guitar -- we take you inside the factory and show you how a hunk of tonewood and a vision can turn into a guitar at the hands of expert luthiers who utilize their bare hands as well as cutting-edge technology to make every instrument wings-worthy. We also dig into the history vault of this guitar company that is behind the sounds of many artists -- The Doobie Brothers, Kansas, and The Cars to name a few, and obviously a host of iconic shredders like Dimebag, Rusty Cooley and Vinnie Moore. That''s coming soon!

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