D'Angelico and Headcount Team Up for Grateful Dead Auction

The auction will feature the only items scheduled to be signed by all the living members of the Grateful Dead and guest performers.

New York, NY (June 25, 2015) -- To celebrate the Grateful Dead’s 50th Anniversary Fare Thee Well shows, HeadCount has teamed up with D’Angelico Guitars and Remo Percussion to create stunning commemorative items that will be signed by the Grateful Dead and the guest musicians, and and made available to the public at the Participation Row Silent Auction.

The Participation Row auction will feature the ONLY items scheduled to be signed by all the living members of the Grateful Dead and guest performers Trey Anastasio, Bruce Hornsby and Jeff Chimenti. These pieces of Rock and Roll history will be open for bids at all five concerts and all proceeds will benefit the 17 non-profits of Participation Row.

The six string is as special as the Fare Thee Well lineup: A D’Angelico EX-DC Stairstep Tailpiece, it features Fare Thee Well artwork on both sides and is truly one-of-a-kind.

The autographed Remo drumhead will also feature Fare Thee Well artwork. Signed posters from both the Santa Clara and Chicago shows will also be part of the auctions.

The items will be on display and available for bidding at Participation Row at in Santa Clara (near Section 101) and in Chicago (near Section 117).

For some items including the guitar, the high-bidder at the end of the Santa Clara run will win the right to go head-to-head with the high bidder in Chicago, by phone or in person. Those auctions will close during set break in Chicago on July 5th. For a few other items, such as a signed poster specific to the Santa Clara shows, bidding will close during set break at the final Santa Clara show on June 28th.

There will be no online or virtual bidding.

For the Chicago shows the guitar will be placed on a mini-stage in the non-profit village, serving as a centerpiece of Participation Row; a celebration of a half century of the Grateful Dead giving back to the community. Some of the beneficiaries of this auction include the following Grateful Dead-affiliated organizations: Rex Foundation, Seva, Rainforest Action Network, The Unbroken Chain Foundation, The Owsley Stanley Foundation, HeadCount and many more!

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All photos courtesy SINGLECOIL (www.singlecoil.com)

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