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Beetronics Introduces Seabee Harmochorus

Beetronics Introduces Seabee Harmochorus

The Seabee is a multi-chorus pedal designed to deliver the finest analog bucket brigade chorus tones.

By digitally controlling the chorus delay time, the Bees have created Harmochorus - a never-before-heard pitch-shifting modulation that can certainly inspire new genres. Three Chorus modes provide the classic, lush chorus and vibey sounds we all love, with each mode offering the ability to control the effect in different ways. Vary between two different speeds and/or depths, go from zero to full depth intensity, or even increase the chorus delay time for a whole new spectrum of sounds.

Three Harmochorus modes give you a unique and inspiring new approach to the effect. The easiest way to explain it is that, when clean, it sounds like angel bees are accompanying you, and when paired with some buzz, it sounds like a swarm of killer bees producing the most dangerous pitch-shifting modulation are after you! You can choose between two different pitches and speeds, a combination of twelve chords and twelve different arpeggio patterns, or simply choose between thousands of random patterns. No matter which mode you choose, the Seabee will navigate you to inspiring and creative places.

Its simple layout with only three knobs hides a multitude of possibilities with alternate controls, three ramp shapes, tap tempo, a 4-way tone filter, feedback control, and a rate that ranges from very slow to ultra-fast waves, even reaching ring modulator ranges. Did we mention there are two stereo output options, 16 onboard presets, full MIDI control, expression in, external tap, and 4 input level options so you can process guitar, bass, all kinds of active pickups or synthesizers and still keep the bucket brigade in its sweetest spot?


  • Analog sound path with the finest bucket brigade chorus tones.
  • 3 Chorus modes / 3 Harmochorus modes
  • Never-before-heard pitch-shifting chorus with arpeggios and random patterns.
  • Truly expressive ramping gives you musical control.• 16 Onboard presets, Tap Tempo, MIDI, Expression, and more
  • Selectable input level (supports guitar, bass, active pickups, synthesizers, and more)
  • Hand-assembled in Los Angeles, CA.

Beetronics - Seabee Harmochorus

The Beetronics Seabee carries a street price of $349.

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