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Boffin FX Releases Two New Pedals

Boffin FX Releases Two New Pedals

Designed with the more adventurous guitar player's mind, both pedals can create warm fuzz to freaky tones via their “Shock” voltage control and “Bias” voltage biasing control, each of which helps expand the pedals’ fuzz tone.

Boffin FX adds two new effects pedals to its line-up - Da Fuzzand Hazy Daze Octa Fuzz – delivering wild fuzz and glitch tones, at a super affordable price.

Da Fuzz is a versatile, straightforward fuzz, while the HazeDaze Octa Fuzz adds another sonic dimension with an octave-up control.

  • Level, Fuzz, Shock and Bias controls – Hazy Daze has an Octave control
  • True-Bypass footswitch
  • 2.1 mm 9V DC input and a 9V Battery Clip Inside
  • Aluminum 125B enclosure: 4.95 in x 2.6 in x 1.55 in (122mm x 66mm x 39.5mm)
  • LED “On’ Light
  • 12-month warranty

Da Fuzz and Hazy Daze Octa Fuzz are immediately available. Da Fuzz list price is $80 and the Hazy Daze is $100. Both pedals can be purchased online.

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Boffin FX Da Fuzz Demo

Boffi FX Hazy Daze Octa Fuzz Demo