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Budda Reissues Legendary Twinmaster Amp

The handwired Budda Twinmaster is a reissue of the groundbreaking amplifier that debuted in 1995.

Meridian, MS (May 9, 2011) -- Budda Amplification announces the return of the Budda Twinmaster, the legendary amplifier that sparked the low-wattage revolution in guitar amplification. The handwired Budda Twinmaster is a reissue of the groundbreaking amplifier that debuted in 1995.

The Budda Twinmaster is a dynamic boutique amplifier with a straightforward feature set in an 18-watt combo format. Completely handwired in the USA with high-grade audio components, the Twinmaster features a hybrid layout that combines a turret board handwired 12AX7 preamp and a point-to-point handwired EL84 power amp with a 5U4 rectifier.

The Twinmaster has a simple, plug & play feature set, with a single Volume control, highly responsive Treble and Bass controls, and two separate inputs—Normal and Hi Gain—that feed separate tube stages for a multitude of gain characteristics. The Normal input offers a lively palette of sweet, smooth tone that cleans up well, while the Hi Gain input delivers a surprising amount of gain and overdrive that can be dialed back by trimming down the guitar's volume control.

Amenities like a Slave Output and Effects Loop add modern convenience to the Twinmaster's classic vibe. The Slave Output is connected in parallel to the speakers and sends a padded, non-powered signal that can be used as a direct output for live or studio recording. A separate, powered Speaker Output can be connected to a specially tuned Budda extension cabinet, or another loudspeaker enclosure with the proper impedance rating.

The Twinmaster chassis is loaded into a solid, finger jointed pine enclosure, equipped with a single 12" Budda Phat™ loudspeaker, and finished with a striking black Budda covering, matching metal corner caps and classic white piping.

The Budda Twinmaster is available now from authorized Budda Amplification retailers.

Features & Specifications
* Completely hand wired in the USA
* Point-to-point power section
* Turret board preamp section
* Two high-grade EL84 power tubes
* Two high-grade 12AX7 preamp tubes
* 5U4 rectifier tube
* Class AB power section
* Cascading preamp design
* Custom wound transformer
* Normal and Hi Gain inputs
* Treble, Bass, and Volume controls
* Effects loop
* Slave output
* Custom-designed Budda Phat 12" loudspeaker
* Finger jointed solid pine cabinet
* External speaker jack with impedance switch
* Heavy duty speaker cable
* Made in the USA
* USA MSRP $2499.99

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