The TLB60 is a bolt-on version of the company''s TL60 guitar with vintage styling

San Diego, CA (December 30, 2010) -- Carvin has announced the latest addition to their lineup of bolt-on neck guitars, the TLB60. According to Carvin, the company received repeated requests for their TL60 guitar in a bolt-on configuration. Like all Carvin guitars, the TLB60 is built in the USA and has customizable options, including body, top, neck, and fingerboard wood options, finish, pickups, and hardware.

Standard specs include:
- bolt-on neck
- 25.5" scale length
- alder body
- hardrock maple neck with tung oil finish, SB6 inline headstock
- ebony fingerboard, 12" radius
- standard white dot inlays
- 1.69" wide at nut, 2.22" wide at 22nd fret
- chrome hardware
- FT6 hardtail bridge, strings fed through body
- Sperzel locking tuners
- 2 medium-jumbo frets, .103 wide X .048 tall
- three S60A sealed single-coil pickups
- master volume & tone controls, 5-way pickup selector
- Direct price $749.

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Source: Company Website

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