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DOD Reveals the Chthonic Fuzz

Digitech DOD Chthonic Fuzz

The Chthonic Fuzz is designed to offer sludgy, tight-grain fuzz tones and is impactful with guitars outfitted with any types of pickups, though specifically designed for “brighter” single-coil, P90, DeArmond, or gold-foil equipped instruments.

DigiTech/DOD invites guitarists to embrace their darker side with the release of the Chthonic Fuzz (pronounced “thaw-nick” and meaning “of or relating to the underworld”) , a minimalist, vintage-inspired pedal with impressive versatility and a distinctive voice.

​Expanding upon an initial ‘70s informed, single-knob (Output) fuzz circuit, DOD engineers added functionality via a separate gain control (Fuzz) and a gentle passive tone control (Lustre) that ensures audible pick attack throughout the entire frequency range, making for a still easy-to-use, but more flexible pedal, capable of the darkest, most potent fuzz to subtle touches of sonic grit and everywhere in between. A pair of 2N2222 transistors allows for traditional transistor clipping that can be dramatically reined in by dialing back the guitar volume knob. As a two-transistor pedal, the Chthonic Fuzz – like many vintage-style fuzz boxes – works best when placed first in the signal chain.

The Fuzz and Output dials are most prominent on the pedal, side by side at the top of the housing, with the smaller Lustre knob sitting just beneath the Fuzz control at the upper-left of the pedal. The Chthonic’s eye-catching visual presentation is rounded out by a sturdy footswitch, crisp blue LED power indicator, and a unique “Kraken/Cthulhu” graphic by the same individual responsible for the artwork of the DOD Carcosa Fuzz, conceptually considered a “bright twin” to the darker Chthonic Fuzz.

DOD Chthonic Fuzz Effects Pedal

Chthonic Fuzz Pedal

The Chthonic Fuzz includes true bypass and accepts a linear 9vDC adapter or 9V Alkaline Dry Battery.

Guitarists seeking fat, meaty fuzz, and singular overdrive textures need to look no further than the Chthonic Fuzz available on Halloween, October 31st. MSRP is $208 and Street Price is $149.99

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