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Electro-Harmonix Announces Ring Thing Sideband Modulator and Deluxe Memory Boy

The Ring Thing modulation pedal and Deluxe Memory Boy Delay with Tap Tempo are EHX''s latest

Anaheim, CA (January 16, 2010) -- Electro-Harmonix has unveiled two new pedals at NAMM: the Deluxe Memory Boy and the Ring Thing.

Ring Thing
The Ring Thing presents state of the art modulation control allowing the user to explore a new sonic world that is both familiar and inventive. Complex modulations with interactive parameters create any sound your mind can imagine. From metallic sweeps to subtle color changes, the Ring Thing will become your sonic dream machine.

• Multi-wave selection for modulation and Ring Mod
• Low pass Filter for Ring Mod and single side band modes
• Fine and depth control for frequency select and amount
• Tune switch to adjust frequency to your pitch
• Upper and lower sideband isolation
• High quality whammy style effects with expression pedal
• Pitch shifting with pitch modulation and vibrato
• Fully programmable

Deluxe Memory Boy
The Deluxe Memory Boy is the newest delay from the Memory Man family. Quality IC’s deliver warm and organic analog tones while “tap tempo” allows you to always be in sync with the groove. Choose five note divisions for metronomic variances. Sweet modulations can be set while the expression pedal input gives you external control. The Deluxe Memory Boy is the most flexible analog delay ever designed.

• Tap Tempo
• Tap Divide timing subdivisions
• Expression pedal control
• Triangle and square wave modulation with adjustable rate and depth
• Built in EFX loop
• Total analog bucket brigade design

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