Some of the innovative, beautiful, and groundbreaking instruments on display in Montreal.

Pagelli Interchangeable Top Guitar
"The yet-to-be-named Claudio Pagelli creation stole the show with its interchangeable resonator, acoustic, electric, and banjo tone plates. In addition, the guitar's bridge can be switched between the regular bridge and a sitar bridge for additional tones. The neck is attached with a pin in the back of the guitar and a removable tailpiece, and the discs will have quick-change functionality with +/- connections, no wires. It takes about a minute for the entire change and the strings stay basically in tune. The pickups are Lace Alumitones and Volume and Tone controls are hidden in the upper bout's soundholes. ""I was sure it was a cool idea, but I wasn't sure if it would work,"" Pagelli told PG. ""And I'm very happy it turned out like this."""

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Recreating the preamp in Silvertone’ssignature ’60s amp results in a surprisingly multifaceted overdrive.

Great drive sounds, ranging from characterful boost to low-gain overdrive. Unique personality. Powerful, flexible EQ.

Arguably a bit expensive for what it does.


Jackson Audio Silvertone 1484 Twin Twelve


Once harvested for peanuts at garage sales and pawn shops—or free for lucky dumpster divers—the Silvertone Model 1484 Twin Twelve amplifier of 1963-’67 graduated to legend status over the past couple decades. Like a lot of ’60s gear with department store catalog origins, Silvertone amps and guitars provided great bang for the buck when they were new. But perhaps no Silvertone product—apart from the company’s Danelectro-built guitars—is as revered as the Twin Twelve. Mudhoney’s Mark Arm and Steve Turner discovered their charms early in their career, and Twin Twelves and their siblings remained backline fixtures for punks, garage rockers, and indie kids. But once the likes of Jack White and Dan Auerbach got on board, the market heated up considerably.

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Featuring the Adaptive Circuitry recently introduced on their Halcyon Green Overdrive, Origin Effects have brought us a pedal with a character all of its own and a new flavor of drive.

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