Check out the gear the guys are using on tour.

Tom Hamilton's Gallein-Krueger Stacks
Hamilton uses Gallien Krueger Fusion 550 heads, after spending three weeks in the studio in 2010 testing different amps. He uses GK cabs loaded with CK Neodinium drivers for a light weight and punch sound. One head is hooked up to two 410 cabs, another head powers a bass 412, and another is set up with a 412 loaded with Celestion Vintage 30 speakers running a Mojo Hand Rook ovedrive that's always on for a grindy, "bass nasty" sound, like a overdriven Marshall but with low end meat.

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There’s way more than blues-rock fodder buried in the crevices of the most overused scale in music.



  • Explain how chords are generated from scales.
  • Create unusual harmonies, chord progressions, bass lines, and melodies using the blues scale.
  • Demonstrate how music theory and musical intuition can coalesce to create unique sounds from traditional materials.
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Last updated on May 21, 2022

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for blues music, but the blues scale can yield beguiling musical results that bear little resemblance to the traditional blues—particularly if one looks at (and listens to) the scale from a different point of view.

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Megadeth founder teams up with Gibson for his first acoustic guitar in the Dave Mustaine Collection.

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Need an affordable distortion pedal? Look no further.

We live in the golden age of boutique pedals that are loaded with advanced features—many of which were nearly unthinkable a decade or so ago. But there’s something that will always be valuable about a rock-solid dirt box that won’t break your wallet. Here’s a collection of old classics and newly designed stomps that cost less than an average concert ticket.

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